Pop Underground

Joey Albrecht (born March 31, 1992), professionally known as ​​P. WHITE, is a Seattle based record producer.

After picking up a guitar in the 5th grade, he became obsessed and his fingers wouldn’t leave the fret board until he could figure out how to use it. By the age of only 18, P. White was a nationally touring musician with his mind set on a career in the music industry. In 2010, he packed his bags and moved to Seattle, WA. After a few years of trial and error within the local scene, he wanted a change in direction and decided to try his luck as a songwriter.

In April of 2014, P. White headed down to Los Angeles to attend the annual ASCAP expo. With the intention of demonstrating his skills as a songwriter, he was able to score a meeting with an A&R from Sony owned Kemosabe Records. Feeling like this could be the break that he needed, P. White walked into the building determined to hear that all of his hard worked had paid off. The 22 year old was told that he was in fact not a songwriter, but a producer. As defining of a moment as it was confusing, he headed back to Washington with a new plan.

In 2014, P. White founded what would become the birth place of his very own signature sound and named it POP UNDERGROUND - a recording studio where he could get everything he wanted in one package: producing, songwriting, engineering, and above all else a space that he could call his own.

P. White has since been making waves in the local Hip Hop circuit as the producer behind J08’s 2015 debut EP, “J08 Like 808”, PG and Frenchyoso’s hit single, “She Wants Me”, off of PG’s 2016 Album, “TGINB”, Frenchyoso's new hit single, "Won't You Come", as well as making his stamp nationally by placing 2nd in iStandard’s 2016 Seattle producer showcase.